Toyo Ito 伊東 豊雄

1941Born in Seoul, South Korea, by Japanese parents
1965Graduated from The University of Tokyo, Department of Architecture. Worked at Kiyonori Kikutake Architects and Associates
1971Started his own studio, Urban Robot (URBOT) in Tokyo
1979Changed its name to Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects

Unmatched Originality of Architecture



the japanese star architect, toyo ito, is one of the world’s most innovative and influential modern architects. toyo ito has earned cult status among a younger generation of architects who follow his unmatched and original work that aims to simultaneously express the physical and virtual worlds.


toyo ito was born in 1941.1971 he started his own studio in tokyo named Urbot (Urban Robot). In 1979, the studio was re-named toyo ito & associates. beside its world-famous work, the studio is known for spotting great talents including kazuyo sejima and ryue nishizawa (sanaa, katsuya fukushima, makoto yokomizo among others.







with his free-ranging and eclectic design approach, one is never quite sure what toyo Ito will do next; thrilling for architects but challenging for clients. he is known for creating extreme concept buildings, in which he seeks to balance machine and nature, male and female. this constant ability to find perfect balance has made toyo ito master of a poetic design language recognisable in his mayuhana lamps, designed in 2007.