Mixing Bowl set XS

43,75 EUR

Mixing Bowl Set S

60,00 EUR

Mixing Bowl Set M

73,75 EUR

Mixing Bowl Set L

93,75 EUR

Sori Yanagi Bowl XS

23,75 EUR

Sori Yanagi Bowl S

31,25 EUR

Sori Yanagi Bowl M

40,00 EUR

Sori Yanagi Bowl L

47,50 EUR

Sori Yanagi Strainer XS

23,75 EUR

Sori Yanagi Strainer S

31,25 EUR

Sori Yanagi Strainer M

40,00 EUR

Sori Yanagi Strainer L

52,50 EUR

Sori Yanagi Bowls & Strainers

japan has a long history in top quality steel production. building on this legacy, sori yanagi has designed a beautiful and functional bowl and strainer range in brushed matte stainless steel.

the bowls were first designed by sori yanagi in 1960 but it was three decades later in 1990 that he designed the matching strainers, extending the bowls’ functionality in the kitchen.

the pieces are easy to work with and easy to stack. such is the beauty, impeccable finish and outstanding quality of this collection, each utensil can make the journey from kitchen to dining table without skipping a beat.

the range consists of a variety of bowls and strainers in the following sizes: 16cm, 19cm, 23cm and 27cm; all of which fit perfectly together.