Yamagiwa M Pendant (L)

687,50 EUR

Yamagiwa M Pendant (M)

541,25 EUR

Yamagiwa M Pendant

543,75 EUR

Yamagiwa M Floor (Low)

591,25 EUR

Yamagiwa M Table (Low)

591,25 EUR

Yamagiwa M Table (Tall)

1 081,25 EUR

Yamagiwa M Floor (Tall)

1 158,75 EUR

Yamagiwa M (Overhanging)

2 500,00 EUR

M1 Pendant Large Black

725,00 EUR

M2 Pendant 2 Layers Black

575,00 EUR

Pendant Oval Black

578,75 EUR

Yamagiwa Mayuhana

the yamagiwa mayuhana collection designed by japanese star architect, toyo ito and manufactured by yamagiwa, embraces japanese design classics from nature and history. handmade in japan and inspired by butterfly cocoons, these lamps radiate a warm, soft and silky smooth light, much like the classic rice paper lanterns for which the country is famous.

the pendant's thin yet strong strings are made from transparent glassfibres. two or three layers of these spun strings creates soft illumination in a simple and organic design lamp.

the yamagiwa mayuhana lamps are suitable for energy saving bulbs. the glassfibre material make the lamp easy to clean. the mayuhana collection is manufactured by yamagiwa, japan’s leading light creator.